Welcome to Pyrite!

It's time for Pyrite's legendary return,
this time everything is better than always
as we are promising a Long-Term,
Play2Win and Old-School gameplay!

Refund Policy
We have a very strict policy against unauthorized refunds, as they heavily affect the plans and development of Pyrite, since this money is originally stored to maintain the server's expenses, and accordingly; any unauthorized chargebacks will lead into a permanent ban from our future projects, nontheles; according to this policy, we hold every right to refuse a refund request from you under ANY circumstances.

What If I get an unauthorized refund?

May you try to charge back or get an unauthorized refund through the payment service you used fail to adhere, you are subject to the following:

1- You are going to be banned from playing Pyrite and this applies to all of upcoming projects.
2- We are going to contact your payment service to advise them we have such a policy that you automatically agreed to by signing up for an account.

How can I get an authorized refund?

Only in case you have NOT received the virtual currency you have purchased on the agreed time, you can request a refund for the total amount you have paid, which means a complete refund. Refund requests may take up to 7 days for a decision to be made, if you attempt to hasten up the process by contacting your payment service to charge back without our authorization, you are still subject to the above.

If I am eligible, how can I receive my refund?

You will be receiving the refund based on your country of residence, since payment options vary from each country to another and this is mainly why our refund processes might take so long